BSQG Mystery Quilts
2018 Mystery Quilt

Part 1 of the 2018 Mystery Quilt is here..

Part 2 of the 2018 Mystery Quilt is here..

Part 3 of the 2018 Mystery Quilt is here..

Part 4 of the 2018 Mystery Quilt is here (sorry for the late posting)…

Part 5 of the 2018 Mystery quilt is here


2013 Mystery Quilt was “Alzheimer’s quilt art initiative.” This is a 9 x 12 (inches that is) quilt project that were due at the May 2013 meeting.


2012 Mystery Quilt was a Cheryl Petreman quilt.  We have permission to use it for the guild and to post it on our website.

This mystery is designed to use one background fabric and any scraps you can find. The quilt could also be sewn with a
background and 4 contrast fabrics – fabric quantities will be given for this option. The pattern is suitable for beginner
quilters, but should be interesting enough to appeal to the more experienced among you.

PDFs of the instructions will be published every month, after the guild meeting when they are announced.

The first set of instructions were announced January 12, 2012:


Mystery_Quilt_Part_2 (This information should have been on part 2 of the mystery quilt instructions:

“You should only need one and a half 45” strips to make enough strip sets for 28 nine patch blocks.  The rest of the strips will be used later.”)





The 2010 Mystery Quilt was a row quilt.  Yardage requirements were not given because you may make the quilt any size you want and it’s meant to be ‘scrappy.’

Instructions for each month will be put on this page following the monthly guild meeting.
Mystery Quilt 2010  0verview
Mystery Quilt 2010 January
February 2010 Mystery
April 2010 Mystery
May 2010 Mystery
June 2010 Mystery
July 2010 Mystery
August 2010 Mystery 

September 2010 Mystery
Finishing for Row of Month



For downloadable pdf documents, you will need Adobe Reader.

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